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The Hunt, The Hunt Continues

I have got over my brain dead period and worked out how to send it to y'all complete :p

I have:

The Hunt
The Hunt Continues
The Fellowship of the Fluff (from after I joined)
the Two Fluffs (5 pages)
Return of the Fluff (3 pages)
Fluffy swooning thread (1 page)
And some various top tens, one of which is something like what the symptoms of the mods snapping would be

Let me know if you want any of these and if so, what email address you want them sent to. Me and Rach would like to know your current addresses :p If you don't want to post your email address email me at this is my permanent address. Yes I finally settled for an email address :p

Each file should be about 1.04 MB

love y'all
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